Quick is a web app made by the development team at the GIADC that helps to rapidly create a set of HTML5 responsive ads.  The app is able to make changes to different sized ad units in a single campaign at the same time for fast editing and turnaround times. Customers are given a set of templates to choose from and designers then swap out content. 

My role in the project included serving as the Lead Designer and building a set of HTML5 ads that would become templates, along with testing the user experience process alongside another designer.

The result was the implementation of the app into the GIADC's offered marketing products and ongoing utilization by the designers.

Click here to view the final showcase of templates


The process included building wireframes and discussing them with the developers, then creating the templates and coming up with mock business branding assets and ad copy.


Next, myself and another designer tested the user experience by making new ad campaigns within the app and then discussed our notes with the head developer.


After the testing was complete I created a guidelines manual for designers to follow while building in the app.


Click here to see the final showcase of templates to choose from.